I've just had a bit of a shock - I'm rare!

I'm normally better known as the author of several crime novels including my marine mysteries featuring my detective Inspector Andy Horton, and for my stand alone crime thriller novels, In Cold Daylight and In For The KillBut I am also the author of three marketing books published in 2009 by Crimson, and before that the author of several sales, marketing and self-improvement books, some of which are not currently in print but are available as audio books and e books. Imagine then my surprise while browsing my titles on Amazon to find that some of my marketing/self improvement titles are being sold second hand for the outstanding amounts of £32.00, £40.00, and a staggering £88.95!  (They were orginally £9.99) Have I become rare? Oh, if I only I was getting a royalty!


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