Long walks and sea air to aid inspiration and novel plotting

I heard from the radio station this morning about my radio interview which should have been broadcast last night at 7pm on Express FM but wasn't.  Unfortunately there was a technical fault with the recording so it couldn't go out, which is a real shame.  I enjoyed talking to Rob Richardson about my crime novels, and we are hoping to re-schedule. Having worked in Marketing and PR I know that these things do sometimes happen with recorded interviews, or your planned interview can be squeezed out by other more pressing and topical news, which is one reason why I enjoy doing live interviews.

I am scheduled to be live on Radio Solent in July, talking to Julian Clegg on his Breakfast Show. I'll post something about that shortly. 

Meanwhile it's on with the plotting of the next Inspector Horton marine mystery crime novel, which has had a bit of a setback but I think I'm now back on track. Some long walks are called for - great for thinking time, as well as getting the benefit of exercise, sea air and inspiration.


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