Commuter readers needed for novel idea - free crime novel in return for a bit of ham acting!

I recently read an article about an author in America who hired dozens of  actresses to read her book around New York City and laugh hysterically. I thought what a great idea. I could do the same except there aren't many laughs in crime novels, although there might be the odd chuckle or two in mine.  Instead of hiring actresses though I thought I'd enlist volunteers to sit on the train on the commute to London, or on the underground, a couple or few people per carriage, to read copies of my novels, different novels that is and then enthuse about them to the person sitting next to them or opposite them. Of course without actually patrolling the trains I wouldn't know if said volunteers would do the job, or if they were disparaging about the books rather than complimentary, but it's a chance I'm prepared to take.

In Cold Daylight was featured in a book swap at Wimbledon station and fairly successfully I believe, so who knows this idea might actually work.

Jennifer Belle, the author who engaged the actresses, decided to take publicity into her own hands after receiving unsatisfying advice from her publisher. After receiving applications from approximately 600 actresses, she picked candidates who had particularly infectious laughs. The stunt was covered by blogging authors, the New York Times and Judith Regan Sirius's radio show.

Great idea, Jennifer, and well done. I might even make the daily newspapers in the UK and national radio.  A spot on the Breakfast Show would be good too.

Volunteers needed, any gender, all ages from 18 plus, preferably living on the commute from Portsmouth to Waterloo, London. Crime novel supplied free of charge. Apply through my official website.


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