Eight crime novels, twelve business books and counting

I spent Sunday afternoon, all day yesterday, and today working on the copy-edits of the next Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery police procedural crime novel: Footsteps on the Shore.

I'm relieved and pleased to say that I finished going through the novel at about four o'clock yesterday and then decided to read it through again to double check everything.  Today I should finish that and then it's a deep breath and press send to e mail it to my editor. The next time I will get to see Footsteps on the Shore will be at the proofs stage and by then it will be too late to change much, if anything. That's when I get the jitters.  Could I have re-written that section to improve it?  Should I have included something else? Too late. But it's been an interesting exercise and not too painful and it's helped me with writing the current Inspector Andy Horton which follows directly on from Footsteps on the Shore.

Footsteps on the Shore will be the sixth in the Andy Horton series and I'm well over half way writing number seven. These and my two thrillers, In Cold Daylight and In For The Kill bring my total crime novels written and published to eight.   All are also available as e books, ( I think Blood on the Sand is just being released as an e book) and Footsteps on the Shore will also be in e book format, though not sure when. The first edition hard cover will be published in January 2011.

Aside from the crime fiction, I have written and published twelve non fiction business and communications books and  nine of these are also available as audio books and e books.  Obviously you can see from this that I enjoy writing and have lots of ideas for more crime novels and one or two non fiction ideas tucked up my sleeve or rather in the back of my mind. Meanwhile it's back to final checking of copy-edits on Footsteps on the Shore.


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