Photographs from yesterday's stint at BBC Radio Solent

It was good to be in the BBC Radio Solent studio again yesterday, talking to Julian Clegg about the CWA Young Crime Writers Competition. I thoroughly enjoyed it,  and chatting to Darren at Express FM about my new DI Andy Horton novel, Footsteps on the Shore  the sixth in the Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery series due out on 27 January .

Thought I'd post a couple of photographs here from yesterday morning in the BBC studio. The quality is not brilliant as they were snapped the other side of the glass from the studio, but you'll get the gist!

Julian's production team were hard at work pulling the programme together putting callers through to Julian and flagging up the issues of the day both local and national.  While I was in the studio the hot topics (yesterday) were Dorset County Council's proposals to abolish Lollipop ladies and men - it got very heated! And street parties.  It seems we no longer seem to be a nation of street parties which have always heralded a a Royal event. The forthcoming marriage of Kate and William doesn't seem to have generated any enthusiasm for one yet- but give it time, who knows?

Talia and Lewis hard at work in the BBC Radio Solent Studio. If you look hard enough you'll see me in the hot seat behind the glass talking to Julian - he is there honest - but you can't see him. 

In the above photograph I've just finished my interview with Julian. In this shot we're chatting about various things although it looks as though Julian is telling me off and we're having a bit of a tiff.  We're not, I can assure you. He's a great guy and his team are lovely.


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