Pauline Rowson to appear at the Isle of Wight Arts Festival -Ventnor -17 April 2011

I've added a new event to the Calendar of Events.  On Sunday 17 April at 4pm I will be talking about my marine mystery crime and thriller novels at the Isle of Wight Arts Festival, Ventnor - The Arts Festival by the Sea.  I will be at the Royal Hotel, Ventnor. I'm delighted to have been asked to speak at this really exciting arts festival and I'm in such stunning company too, appearing alongside Barry Norman and Edward Fox, what more could a crime writer want?

Two of my novels are set on the Isle of Wight, In For The Kill, a fast paced thriller and Blood on the Sand, a DI Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel.  Coincidentally the Horton crime novel I am currently writing is set around Ventnor and along the coast from it. My other marine mysteries and thrillers are set around the Solent area and Portsmouth.

More details to follow but for more information and tickets, which I believe go on sale next week visit


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