Another little gem of an idea for a future marine mystery crime novel set against the backdrop of the sea

This week there is to be a dramatic oil spill exercise over the sea off the Isle of Wight with a Hercules aircraft and I thought this another little gem of an idea that could be woven into either a future DI Andy Horton crime novel or a thriller.  The sound of the Hercules will also bring back memories of the time I spent living at RAF Lyneham when my husband was in the RAF.

The Isle of Wight County Press reported that sightseers at Freshwater Bay are likely to see the Hercules flying over the sea where it is being deployed by Southampton and Singapore-based oil spill specialists Oil Spill Response, as part of a four-day training exercise.

The Hercules will be dropping water into the sea to simulate dropping detergents into the water in the case of a major oil spill.The training exercise, which runs between today and Thursday, was delayed when the company was called to tackle the Gulf of Mexico oil spill last year.The aircraft will be taking off from Bournemouth Airport every day at around 11am and is likely to be over the sea near Freshwater ten minutes later. 

Several ideas are already springing into my mind on how I can use this little scenario and turn it into something sinister and criminal - what a wicked brain I have!

Perhaps I'll pop over there before my radio interview on Angel Radio on Thursday and watch the exercise!


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