Change of broadcast schedule in my Angel Radio Interview but hope to put it on my You Tube Channel soon

Got a call this morning to say that my interview with Angel Radio was being broadcast at 11am. I might still be on air Friday 7 October at 10am but I'm not sure.  Sorry I couldn't post this before now but I was crossing Brading Marshes on the Isle of Wight at the time of the call and didn't get back until lunchtime.

Angel Radio are going to repeat the broadcast though  each week over the next three weeks, so perhaps you'll get a chance to catch it then.

I am also waiting for a copy of the recording of the interview with Tony Smith of Angel Radio and once I receive it I will edit it and put it on Pauline Rowson You Tube Channel and on my web site and blog, so no excuses then for not listening to it!!


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