Photographs from the radio interviews last week on Angel Radio and Vectis Radio

I had a great time on the radio last week, talking to David Nove on Angel Radio Isle of Wight and Peter Walkden on Vectis Radio. Thought I'd share some photographs here taken during the radio interviews.

From left to right: Carol Bridgestock, David Nove, Pauline Rowson and Bob Bridgestock

Carol Bridgestock, David Nove and crime author Pauline Rowson

Crime authors Pauline Rowson and Bob Bridgestock talking about how they write their crime novels

That's it folks, the show is over

Crime author Pauline Rowson getting ready to go on air with Peter Walkden Vectis Radio

Peter Walkden, Vectis Radio and Crime Author Pauline Rowson

Crime authors Bob and Carol Bridgestock and Pauline Rowson on Angel Radio with David Nove, and Pauline Rowson on Vectis Radio talking about their crime novels and CSI Portsmouth on 5 November at John Pounds Centre, Portsea


Kerrie said…
Hello Pauline, Just wanted to let oyu know where my review of DEAD MAN'S WHARF is.
Remember me from CrimeFest 2011?
Pauline Rowson said…
I certainly do you remember you, Kerrie and hope to see you again at next year's CrimeFest. Thank you for the review of Dead Man's Wharf. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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