Face-To-Face Networking

I'm preparing for my talk, the Pink Ladies Lunch, tomorrow at The Intercontinental Hotel, Park Lane, London. No, it's not a Barbara Cartland fan convention but a networking lunch amongst businesswomen in aid of the charity, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, organised by Business Consort. You can find details of all their events at http://www.aurora-marketing.com/events_courses.php?region_id=5. I 'll be talking about my crime novels, my career and my business books.

The audience are all business women who use the lunch not only to relax away from the workplace for a couple of hours, but to also make new contacts and hopefully do a bit of business together in the future. As the saying goes, 'It's not what you know, but who you know'.

When I ran my Marketing, Training and PR company networking was an important part of winning new clients and now that I am a full-time writer and guest speaker it's no different. Networking sometimes gives me new ideas for my crime and thriller novels - the spark of idea can ignite from a conversation, and I can also get ideas for characters! In addition, networking can stimulate ideas for a new business or motivational book.

I also like to network with fellow authors and pick up new tips and techniques, and share experiences. Then there is networking amongst those in publishing and book selling and with television and film producers, all very useful stuff for spreading the word about one's work, making new contacts and winning new writing commissions.

Social network sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are also helpful and I managed to meet up with a few people I'd first met on LinkedIn and Facebook at the London Book Fair recently.

I'm looking forward to meeting the ladies tomorrow at the lunch, and downing a glass or two of pink champagne, but not before I've given my talk, of course! I'll let you know how it goes.


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