Amazon has bought The Book Depository, a great supporter of my crime novels

The news that The Book Depository has been bought by Amazon came as a shock to me. I didn't expect it but maybe I should have done because The Book Depository has been and is very successful.

The Book Depository  feature my DI Horton marine mystery crime novels and thrillers under their Featured Crime and Thriller Section and have indeed been a huge supporter of my crime novels. Below is a lovely quote from their Commercial Manager of my crime novels:

‘Pauline is one of the most talented crime and thriller writers in the UK. By choosing locations and plot lines that are unique to her ' marine mysteries ' Pauline has set herself apart from the tried and tested formulae within the genre." Steve Potter, Commercial Manager, The Book Depository

The Suffocating Sea  the third in the DI Horton series was also selected as the "Best of British Crime Fiction" by The Book Depository.

The acquisition has prompted book industry experts to warn it could tighten Amazon's 'stranglehold' over the online book trade in the UK.

The Book Depository, founded in 2004 by Irish entrepreneur Andrew Crawford, claims to be the fastest-growing bookseller in Europe. According to an article in The Guardian it made an "operating profit of £2.3m last year on sales of £69m in the year to June 2010. Turnover is thought to have nearly doubled to £120m in the last financial year, with just a quarter of its sales in the UK."

On its website the company says: 'The Book Depository and Amazon are aligned in wanting to ensure the best possible experience for customers ... we will look to continue to increase our vast selection of great titles and provide even better customer experience.'


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