A summer of crime- reading that is - DI Horton marine mystery crime novels and thrillers featured on The Book Depository at some great prices

It's summer time and even the sun has decided to shine (well at the time of me writing this it is) and that means time to perhaps catch up on reading while lounging in a deckchair in the garden or on the beach. Or you might be taking a cruise or jetting off to even sunnier climes and wish to chill out with a thriller or crime novel.

So here comes the advertisement. There are some great prices on my marine mystery crime novels and thrillers on the The Book Depository where they are featured in the Featured Crime and Thriller section. There is also FREE worldwide delivery, which is fantastic.

Alternatively my crime and thriller novels are available on Kindle over at Amazon so need to lug them all around.

Whatever you're reading and wherever you are, enjoy it. Meanwhile, I shall be writing the next DI Andy Horton this summer in between lots of lovely walks (when my broken toe gets better, but that's another story) and cycling (because of the toe).


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